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Our "ORDER ONLINE" tab will show you what we have in the stores at the current time. You can order online for curbside or in-store pickup or just check out the daily offerings from this tab.  OR as always,

come on in to the store to see what we have daily Monday-Friday from 12-6.

Many years ago a boy and a girl had a dream. They both loved food and loved that food always put a smile on someone's face. They hoped one day they could be the ones that made the food that put the smiles on the faces... That's how The Picnic Basket Meal Market began...

Fast Forward, several years later with a dream, a pen and a whole lot of prayer- we opened our doors to share our love of food and family with you and yours. We hope we can take an hour off of your to-do list. We hope you spend that extra hour with your family or take some time to your self. Whatever you choose to do with your newfound time, Thank you for letting The Picnic Basket Meal Market make your day just a little bit easier.

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